Outsourced Data & Back Office Appointment Setting Employment Services

Growth Hub. Your Trusted Growth Partner. 

Outsourced Data & Back Office Appointment Setting Employment Services

Providing you with the data, appointments and people you need to grow your business 


With access to over 220+ million contacts and 30+ million accounts worldwide, our human and AI-driven Data & Back Office Services can provide you with accurate and up-to-date data you can rely on. From PAYG to dedicated Research Data Teams, we have all your data needs covered.


Streamline your prospecting and accelerate growth through our expert outbound Appointment Setting services. Using strategic intent targeting and AI-powered, hyper personalised outbound campaigns, we can provide a steady pipeline of qualified prospects direct to your team.


Take advantage of hiring remote staff in South Africa, saving up to 60% on hiring locally. 

We will source and recruit top talent for your growing team, as well as take care of all your HR and payroll needs.

Why Growth Hub?

If you’re looking to scale your business, we can help. 

Whether it’s more meetings, flexible staffing solutions or dedicated teams of analysts keeping your CRM loaded with qualified prospects, our team of motivated and knowledgeable professionals will create strategic solutions to achieve the results you want. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.  

Helping Our Clients to Succeed:


“Their ability to understand us, our target market and goals was impressive, and what's more they delivered”


“Growth Hub is quickly becoming a trusted advisor and there’s a lot we will work together on in the future. They deliver constant results, and they have helped us get predictability in our sales process”


"The most impressive part is their eye for detail and understanding our aims as a company."


“What I am most impressed about Growth Hub is their whole team is always looking for was to improve and optimise, which is a breath of fresh air when working with a vendor. They are now a trusted partner.”


"Growth Hub is constantly looking to improve the quality and quantity of leads."


“We looked at several companies. Deciding factors were experience, a proven track record growing businesses and pricing”


“I am very impressed with how quickly Growth Hub started on our project. They provide high-quality work and we’re looking to scale up our partnership in the coming year.”


“We have seen a 25% increase in output efficiency from GH compared to other vendors, helping us build out our pipeline of contacts and potential transactions for the coming years faster”


“We’ve had more than 40 meetings since starting with Growth Hub. Growth Hub is quickly becoming a trusted advisor and there’s a lot we will work together on in the future. Their team is professional, communicative, and easy to work with.”