Employment Services

Our Employment Services are designed to help you to source and manage talent abroad.  Same qualifications, same experience, same talent, less money.   We handle everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage employees.

Why Growth Hub?

We prioritise delivering exceptional results for our clients. By choosing our Employment Services, you can expect:

Cost savings: Our clients frequently report savings of 40-50% on employment-related expenses compared to hiring locally.

Tailored solutions: Our Employment Services are customised to align with your specific business goals and requirements.

How do we do it?

With Growth Hub, you get a comprehensive remote employment solution. We handle it all.

Effortless recruitment: We take care of sourcing and vetting candidates, presenting you with a curated shortlist.

Professional workspace: Dedicated desks for remote workers who thrive in a professional office environment.

Compliance, simplified: We handle legal and administrative requirements, ensuring full local compliance.

You maintain control over working hours, workflows and reporting lines.

Focus on your team and business growth while we handle the rest.